Dutch Art House

Dutch Art House is a gallery where artists and visitors come together. We stimulate interaction,
meaning the visitor not only buys art but also knows the artist and the story behind the artwork.
The thinner the lines between buyer and creator, the more the art is being seen, felt and appreciated.

At Dutch Art House we are into diversity. We offer different art styles for a big audience.
Quality is key in everything you find in our gallery. Other keywords? Originality, excitement and innovation.
We are not afraid of seeing things differently and invite you to do the same.

Every few months we change artworks in our showroom and invite new artists in our gallery.
Since the work of former artists will remain for sale on our website, you won’t ever miss out.

Please feel free to visit our gallery in Schijndel from Thursday till Sunday afternoon.
A visit by appointment is also possible. Just send us an e-mail and we’ll get in touch with you.

Hope to see you soon!


 06 225 251 98


 06 538 647 49


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Art News

16 februari, 2021

New Website

We are very happy to announce our new website. Feel free to take a look and let us know what you think about it!
16 februari, 2021

New Artist Cornelis Le Mair

Meet our new artist of our gallery. Cornelis Le Mair. We hope you can visit our gallery soon to see our wonderful art.
5 februari, 2021

Macallan Sold

We've sold this beautiful piece of art from Marcel Timmer. This artwork consists of 23.75 karat gold. We wish the new owner a good time with it.
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06 53864749

06 53864749

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