Yann Schuyers

Yann Schuyers

Contemporary Mixed Media Artist

As a contemporary mixed technique / mixed media artist, Yann loves to combine and apply new techniques and materials over and over again. And just like his tastes and interests, his work is constantly evolving. He is still fascinated by the work of great predecessors such as Leonardo da Vinci and Rembrandt van Rijn. At the same time, he is triggered by contemporaries in technique and form such as Lita Cabelutte, André Maynet, Tos Kostermans and many others.

But transcending everything is the overwhelming inspiration he takes from the beauty of women and the female body. All of his works are fascinating in their size and beauty, they are unique works of art on canvas with stretcher bars based on photography. He uses: acrylic paint, markers, ink, oil paint pencils, pastilles, gel and varnish with airbrush-  pencil-  stencil-  splash-  and glaze-  techniques.

Due to its beauty and large format, the contemporary mixed media artwork will permanently enrich your living room, office, restaurant, hotel or lobby




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Yann Schuyers

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