Remon van Zoggel

Helps others out to reveal their truth.

Remon van Zoggel, is a dutch artist based in Erp, (Ariege) Netherlands. He started off as a plasterer for years, and in 2004 he started his company, Dutch Deco Finish. With his vision he produces tailor-made 3D sculptures, and helps others out to reveal their truth. To do this, he navigates with a strong team and craftsmanship and starts creating with special technologies and never ending depths of his projects. After cooperating with several industries worldwide, and his growing list of collaborations currently include those such as Nike, Moncler, Iris van Herpen, Efteling, Hans Boodt Mannequins and many more. He got inspired for making his own art pieces.


3 D Art



Art is creating new sculptures with special technologies

Remon van Zoggel

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