The idea of saving Aesthetics


Orkhan Mammadov


All generated carpet painting.

6 min loop.

Title : The idea of saving Aesthetics

Resolution : 1080 x 1920 px

Display : 65″

10 editions, each edition is unique.



“The concept of my installation is preserving the aesthetics of Azerbaijan. In order to make it, I collected all Azerbaijani patterns from different Azerbaijani museums and schools, all national, traditional ornaments and different carpet designs, and then wrote a code that analyzes these patterns and creates new ones based on them,” “That is, those patterns that you see did not exist before. They are created by an algorithm developed by me. First we trained artificial intelligence in ornaments, then it began to create endless new ornaments. Now it thinks and creates ornaments all the time.”


When you want to purchase this unique piece, the artwork will be sent to your place. You will get a brand new display with unique artwork installed.