Miranda Rotteveel

Miranda does everything intuitively.

Miranda Rotteveel (1969, Haarlem, The Netherlands) is a creative artist, who uses her camera to visualize her thoughts and ideas.

Even as a child Miranda was actively creative. She could spend hours drawing, writing stories, painting and doing handicraft. From a young age she showed a wide range of interests.

After completing an education in fashion and a job in the fashion industry, she made a career change. This meant her creativity fell more to the background till, in 2018, she decided to buy a DSLR camera. Without being educated in photography nor any experience, she started to photograph things. Miranda, “On the Internet I saw beautiful images, which inspired me. I had no real plan and just wanted to see how things would go.” Through practicing a lot she discovered the possibilities of photography and how she could use the camera for her creations.

Miranda likes different media and styles, she finds her inspiration in the daily things of life. She has a particular liking for nature (all things natural), interior design, fashion and art. Her acquaintance with art started as a child when she regularly visited museums. There she saw the works of the Old Masters, which she was very taken by. Even till this day that admiration hasn’t changed, which is obvious from looking at her own work.

Miranda does everything intuitively. Based on her own feelings, she does the composition, styling and editing. Because she does everything herself – from concept to creation – her creativity gets channelled into her work.



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Miranda Rotteveel

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