Mascha Leijten

Mascha Leijten

As a child she could get lost in drawing and painting.

Mascha (Netherlands 1973) mainly paints portraits of people and animals in acrylic, oil and mixed media. To her it’s important to put some kind of optimism, positive energy and hope into her artwork. Just as she tries to do in everything else in life.
Faces fascinate her. “They tell a story and are the window to the soul of a person. I find it an exciting challenge to try to capture that in a painting.” she says.

As a child she could get lost in drawing and painting. For 20 years she worked in corporate business and, as blood is thicker than water, that passion for painting never faded. So several years ago she decided to organize her life differently in order to dedicate more energy towards painting.
Her education with regards to painting is self-taught, guided by inspiration and fueled by curiosity and a desire to learn, she sees that learning journey as a continuous and ongoing process. The appreciation for her work extends beyond The Netherlands and her work also found its way to Germany, UK, Spain, USA and Canada.

Mascha also paints portraits on commission. So if you would like an original portrait made by her, don’t hesitate to contact us!





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Mascha Leijten

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