Maria Kemps

Maria Kemps

My painting style is abstract / figurative

Maria is graduated at the Academic Visual Arts Tilburg. The painting department. Immediately after she was ready, she started as a drawing teacher on high schools. She also continued to paint and developed. She has regularly participated in group or solo exhibitions.

Many of her works have found their way to individuals and companies. She also works for art mediation companies, such as Dutch Art Salon, in the past also for Dutch Art Studios and Holland Art. In addition, she has over 30 years of teaching experience in drawing and painting. Currently she is still working at Phoenix Cultuur in Veghel.

Abstract / figurative. “My painting style is abstract / figurative,  I start from existing forms, often nature, cityscapes, harbors. I try to change those shapes, so that they are barely perceptible. Nevertheless, it must remain recognizable.

Abstract. I also like to paint abstractly. I then start more from my feeling, I try to express that, with the right brush liner and structure. I keep pushing my “boundaries”, look for the challenge and the tension and try to solve it. A good abstract artwork must be able to be viewed from all sides and be in balance.

Den Bosch.

Maria was born in Schijndel where she also lives these days. In the spring (May) she has the tradition of walking to Den Bosch. At various events, a candle is lit in St. John’s. This city fascinates her as the capital of Brabant, with St. John as the center.





Art is pushing boundaries and make it work

Maria Kemps

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