Jos van Beek

“Art makes you happy”.

And rich, especially in a figurative sense.

If the above statements are true, then they certainly apply to the work of the professional Jos van Beek.

His paintings are characterized by an exuberant, festive use of color. (One even speaks of “typical van Beek – red”), and through a lively dynamic, which additionally supports the exuberance and warmth.

The work is sometimes completely abstract, and in some works there are somewhat recognizable, figurative elements present, without becoming too realistic. This gives the works an unmistakable, fine tension.

Anyone who has their art at home (or at work) experiences it every day. Enjoying every day in an environment that you have carefully composed of things that fascinate you, that give you warmth, that make you happy. Enthusiasts and collectors have found their way to his work. In the Netherlands, but also in a number of other European countries.

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Art makes you happy

Jos van Beek

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