Light is the common thread in Jolanda’s life. As a lighting designer she mainly deals with artificial light. When darkness falls, she creates a suitable atmosphere with lights.

The light that nature treats us to every day is unsurpassed. The sun, the moon, the stars, but also the fire and lightning in combination with the landscape, the water, the trees and plants. Every season, every day, every hour at any time you get to see a different image, a new atmosphere to taste.

As busy bees or industrious ants, people have been organizing, designing and changing the world around them from their earliest existence. As an artist, Jolanda chooses not to organize, furnish or change anything. Show what is there, what is beautiful, what can be looked at for hours. What nature itself creates is spontaneous, irregular and free. The result is surprising, beautiful and atmospheric. She wants to show that in her paintings. Jolanda usually works plein air, in the open air. With oil on panel, alla prima.

From January 2020 to May 2022, Jolanda Tielens works together with Emelie Jegerings on the project “under the spell of the Aa”. The final presentation will subsequently be exhibited in museum de Wieger in Deurne.