Jeroen Gordijn

jeroen gordijn

A ‘Neoniste’

Since 1999 I work as a glassblower for neon signs. Started as an apprentice in bending neon glass, a craft which is based on glassblowing techniques going back to ancient times, I learned to combine this craft with latter day chemistry. I practice my craft as a highly specialized restorer for renowned neon artists, amongst whom Navid Nuur. During my further development as an artist I also worked as a goldsmith, practising the art of small scale subtlety.

Nowadays I call myself a master, practicing my art as through a symbiosis of high tech chemistry with the classic glassblowing techniques. A ‘Neoniste’. My work may be looked upon as an ‘illumination’ of my world, as my mark on the objects in my environment.




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Jeroen Gordijn

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