Femke Hellings

Life is good!

The art of writing. The beauty of words. Creative writer Femke knows all about it. Besides professional copywriting and journalism she likes to hide herself from the world from time to time. Those are the moments she gets out of her head and writes her poems and one-liners. Simple, recognizable and sometimes eye-opening or confronting. Her poetry is full of contradictions, double meanings and words that strengthen each other.

Most of the time, her brainwaves are notes to herself. Reminders of the way she wants to live. Consider her poems as mind setters, life mottos or small stimulators. How do you see the world and the people in it? May Femke’s poems make you feel easy, blessed or motivated. Or inspire you to (re)consider your thoughts.

Life is good! Don’t make it too hard on yourself. Was signed, Femke.





Life is good! Don’t make it too hard on yourself.

Femke Hellings

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