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Cornelis Wilhelmus Antonius Maria (Cees) le Mair (Eindhoven, 3 July 1944) is a Dutch painter. As a child, Le Mair already developed a talent for drawing. After completing high school he went to study at the art academy in ‘s-Hertogenbosch where he hoped to improve his painting techniques. He left the academy because, in his opinion, “free expression” was taught almost exclusively. He was advised to transfer to the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp, where the old painter’s craft would still be learned. In professor Victor Dolphijn he found a teacher in the art of craftsmanship of old masters. In 1968, Le Mair graduated cum laude in the field of portrait, still life and figure painting.

This unique individual is a true artist. Art is his life and the art he produces is the result of what he feels a passion for, rather than driven by economic motives. Among his favorite subjects are portraits, female figures and still lifes. Cornelis le Mair is truly a renaissance man, encompassing all disciplines of the arts.  He enjoys painting, drawing, writing, architecture, sculpture, and interior design.

Cornelis le Mair works in the best of three traditions – the Renaissance, the Romantic, and the Modern.  His paintings are inspired by the artistic elements, composition, working light and shadow, and body positions seen in those of the Old Masters, but at the same time have their own identity through his use of wider brushstrokes.

Le Mair prefers to avoid the commercial aspect of his art.  Most of his work is commissioned, and upon completion, many paintings disappear behind the doors of collectors – among them wealthy aristocrats in Europe and other parts of the world that are both lucky and influential enough to get the attention and the commitment of this exceptional artist.


True renaissance



Cornelis is a unique individual as are his paintings and other artworks.

Cornelis Le Mair

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